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King Industries Inc. is the Exclusive distributor for a wide range of products:

JetDock Ultimate Floating Docks and Drive-On Lift Systems is the new revolution in the boat lift and floating dock industry. Unlike conventional boat lifts, there is no more cranking to dry dock your personal watercraft, sea-doo, jet ski, jet boat, inboard, outboard stern drive, pontoon, catamaran, seaplane, ski boat and high performance watercraft up to 50'. Your watercrafts are kept high and dry, completely dry docked, without motors, gears, straps or cables like regular boat lifts or boat docks. And your Jet Dock floating pwc lift or floating boat dock is down at water's level, never dangling your craft in the air or blocking your view.

Dock Kings Ultimate Floating Pontoon Docks and Rafts were designed from the bottom up using forward thinking. Dock Kings floating docks, represent the latest advances in both material and manufacturing techniques for constructing our High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Floating Pontoon Docks. Any dock configuration can be custom designed and constructed to fit any requirements. We supply floating pontoons docks for complete marinas, dock and walkways, gangways, fish pens, work platforms, seaplane docks, floating rafts and more. We believe without question, that our dock products are the highest quality products, at the most competitive prices available on the market today.

Our Muskoka Patio Furniture is manufactured in Ontario, from the best exterior " Solid HDPE Plastic. (eg. King Starboard) these products are made to withstand the harsh outdoor environment all year round. Sleek design, utmost comfort, durability and good UV protection makes this line a worthwhile investment for years to come. Slightly textured for a slip and mar resistant surface, enhances the beauty of these handcrafted products. Chairs are designed to sit very comfortable without the extra foot stool. Rounded edges, tenanted slats throughout and stainless fasteners make these products of the highest quality and strength. These products will not rot, crack, warp or splinter, never stain or paint again, very easy to clean and maintain. All have matching chairs and side tables in eight vibrant colours to satisfy any taste and desire.

SABS Frequency Braking System is a patented Anti-lock Braking System for bicycles. SABS generates a braking frequency from a 100% mechanical structure, without requiring any electric, hydraulic or pneumatic forces. The higher the speed = the higher the frequency that the pads will cycle. Simple DIY, SABS, is suitable for all replacement of your existing V-Brake & C-Brake systems

Medical Resources Management (MRM) is a Canadian company with a Canadian Medical Establishment Licence, specializing in healthcare software development and automated solutions for the hospital and clinic settings. Our Focus is on providing intuitive solutions for; electronic medical records (EMR), clinic automation, technical departments, with direct communication and recording in real time of machine parameters during patient treatment. We deliver software solutions and services that are stable, easy to use, highly functional, automating processes, providing customizable forms and procedures but with an emphasis on data security.

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