Safe Anti-Locking Braking System (SABS)

We would like to take this time to introduce you to

"SABS Frequency Braking System".

We are all aware of the safety that Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) provides for cars.

King Industries Inc. is proud to present to the North American market SABS, the first patented Anti-lock Braking System
                                                        designed especially for the bicycle market.



Safety is a concern for all bicycle riders. The fastest way that you can stop any bike of normal wheelbase is to apply the front brake aggressively, the front brake should be 70%+ of the braking power. Installing the SABS braking system has been tested to reduce your braking distance by almost 50%. As well, most people know how to brake properly in standard situations, but in emergency situations is when the SABS brake will provide the additional safety, allowing the rider a very controlled stop, within the shortest distance, without any wheel lockup.

How SABS Works?

SABS generates a braking frequency from a 100% mechanical structure, without requiring any electric, hydraulic or pneumatic forces. The higher the wheel speed, the higher the frequency that can be generated.


Installing SABS:

  • Simple, Easy DIY, for replacing your existing OEM brakes.
  • Video available to demonstrate replacement procedure.
  • Refer to the SABS Model Application page for specific model application.


SABS Testing and Certifications:

The braking performance testing of SABS has been certified by:

SGS (No TH70035/2011)

  • It exceeded EN standard's braking distance.
  • It's safe when using only the front brake in the following situations; on a 30% slope of ARTC at 59 km/h.
  • Passed a 53.6 km/h road test from altitude 3,275m down to 480m in rain, with the highest speed reaching 67.4 km/h using only the front brake.

CHC for Mechanical Endurance Test (No. 09021901B) (Standard of Germany Mech. Endurance Test DIN 79100:2000).

  • Certificated by CHC for Braking Performance Test (No. 08072101) (According to the standard of Europe Braking Distance EN 14766_4. &

SABS Model Application:


SABS V1/V2 Physical Dimensions:



SABS Frequency Braking System is the first Anti-Lock Braking System for bicycles, ever invented and has received the following awards:


V1 – Retail Pricing & To Purchase.

1). Model SABS-V1S (Standard): CAD/US $109.00
         - SABS x 2 units (one pair) Purchase HERE

2). Model SABS-V1E (Enhanced): CAD/US $119.00
         -SABS x 2 units (one pair); refill pack x 1 set SOLD OUT

3). Model SABS-V1F (Full): CAD/US $129.00
         - SABS x 2 units (one pair); refill pack x 1 set; tooling x 1 set SOLD OUT

4). Model SABS-V1R (Refill Pack): CAD/US$ 45.00
         - SABS Refill pack x 1 set SOLD OUT

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